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We are SocialTechLab

SocialTechLab is a unique program designed to promote technological solutions that will benefit society. We launched on April 2016 with a batch of eleven startups. Our program is proud to be part of the growing entrepreneurial community of the city of Haifa.


We provide an annual program that guides the entrepreneurs step by step from an idea to a viable product.

And we DO NOT take any equity!

We are looking for entrepreneurs with a great idea

which provides a solution to a social problem or need using technology. Motivated and have the desire to change and succeed.

Our Companies


Patients suffering from diseases that damage blood cells or haemoglobin such as beta-thalassemia major receive frequent blood transfusions. The excess of iron in these transfusions often contributes to their poor health and require further medical treatment.

Current medical treatment for chronic iron overload is based on chelating drugs, and is accompanied by severe side effects at different levels and frequencies. The global sales of iron overload drug treatment products in 2014 reached almost $1 billion.

The innovative FerriFree product is patented and can be used for replacing the use of drugs in these cases, by either pre-treatment of blood transfusion units given to patients, or Ex-vivo patient blood management.


Doctors are warning that sitting is the new smoking!

The cost of pain back is estimated by $100 Billion every year in the US only. 

SeatBack is a multi-sensor pad that constantly detects and evaluates your posture, in order to guide you to healthier sitting.

SeatBack is an interactive system activated through an application/website that can be added to any chair and suited to each person’s needs.

Where do we currently stand?... or sit?

Provisional patent, market research, technological feasibility (POC), characterization of product and analysis of competitive products, 1st prototype and users trials of 30 users, interest of buying units and development of Beta product with an application.


During the last decades medical imaging turned into one of the pillars of medical diagnosis. Studies generating medical images (MRI, CT, US and others) are performed for an ever growing variety of medical conditions. The difficulty in interpretation of medical images grew together with their importance.

Gradio operates as a mediator between the radiologist, reading software, and electronic medical record.
Gradio enables radiologists to complete studies faster with more accurate results. 

Gradio is based on four main technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Workflow Generation Platform, Intuitive Graphical Interface and Structured Report.


Bypass surgery quality assurance is a great saving opportunity for hospitals. 700K bypass surgeries are performed each year worldwide to treat patients with clogged arteries. 12% of the performed bypasses have surgical defects that cause complications such as infarctions, as the bypass fails shortly after surgery.

HugHeart offers a reliable solution for bypass surgery quality assurance, a handheld gamma camera that relies on proven technology that is adapted to cardiac surgery and has a fast development track.

Using Tnufa NIS100k we are now developing a prototype, and our value chain. We are adapting a GE gamma sensor for high resolution using mechanical improvements and advanced algorithms. The device has a quick Class I 510(k) regulatory path based on a predicate device.

Meddy Bear

In 2012 Dr. Hanna Nawatha founded the Meddy Bear Facebook page that focused on students and health professionals in the medical field.  After four years Meddy Bear had 2,000,000 fans.


The next Meddy Bear’s goal is to develop a mobile application which aims to help those medical professionals by establishing knowledge base, professional mutual consulting, on-line information and advice and social-professional network.


50 Million people with a breathing condition or post-surgery live in the USA only. Breathing condition will be the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA by the year 2020.  The respiratory therapy market is about $3.5B

LungTek is developing a portable, smart respiratory trainer, for people with a breathing condition. Clearing, strengthening, measuring and monitoring the lungs will improve the person's health and reduce recurring hospitalizations.

We have a FDA exempt - license to sell. LungTek trainer was launched and tens of thousands of units were sold. We are the 1st smart respiratory trainer in the USA. LungTek is working on the next generation of the trainer which will interface with a mobile application that will collect data and store it in the Cloud.


9 million people have essential tremor, 2.2% of the US population.

What is tremor? 

Essential tremor (ET) is a neurological movement disorder that causes the hands, head and voice, and sometimes the legs and trunk to shake.

Papayona is developing a small personal wearable device that helps patients with hand tremor. The device reduces tremor by providing instantaneous feedback to improve functional activities for patients with hand tremor (Parkinson’s disease/essential tremor).


By Blomberg, “8 of 10 Businesses Fail within the first 18 Months”.

The main reasons are: poor decision making leading to financial problems, cash flow management problem and lack of economic viability.

EcoFinSim is a simulation system that lets people who want to start a business experience, learn and practice real-life management and financial decision making by virtually establishing and running a big company or a small business. The product will improve the ability of entrepreneurs to establish and manage a successful business.

People ask questions. They consult with other people all the time. They even pay for it. In many cases, it's good to see who you consult with and what they're talking about. Essentially, that's why we're here. is an online platform aiming to connect between people who are looking for experts and the most suitable advisers by live, instant, face-to-face chat & video calls.

The website is already up and running with video-chats available, and PayPal as the money-transaction means. 

Our upcoming milestone is to finalize the MVP trial based on the web solution. In parallel, we will continue to develop our solution and add an android and iOS apps.


Imagine having a gateway to all faces and personalities across the globe. Profiler will be the solution to all of your communication challenges.

Profiler Technology is an API, Web Service, Plugin and Apps that help you understand yourself, read other people, and become a truly great communicator.

In less than 30 seconds Profiler will Capture and 

Analyze the person’s personality from his photo! 

Profiler will coach you on how to get their attention, win their trust and earn their business.


Steach is an online platform that empowers private tutors and students to create small study groups of the same skill level in order to learn anything they want.

Our mission is to push the space forward and change the way people learn privately by creating a new model - knowledge-sharing (anyone can become a teacher) and learning-sharing (learning in small study groups that you can create or join).  

As a direct result, we will make tutoring more affordable, of better quality and on-demand.


These days Steach got funded and takes a part in a prestigious incubator in the Silicon Valley.

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How does it work ?

The program consists of four major steps:

What kind of project we're looking for?

First step - 4 months

The first step is focusing on creating a new venture. We'll define the Value Proposition and the "Secret Sauce" of your venture. We'll build a business plan, go-to market strategy, and much more. The goal of this step is to validate your idea. We'll meet in weekly group meetings and share lots of one-on-one mentoring hours.

eHealth & device

Sharing Economy


* If your project is not included in the categories but still provides a technological solution to social problem, you are invited to register.

Second step - 5 months

Based on the work plan we’ll create the prototype and test it with the first customers. The aim is to test the feasibility of the technological solution and marketing strategy. This step is based on monthly group meetings and training based on progress with our partners.

Third step - 3 months 

Time for growth and acceleration of your venture and take it to the next step. This is the time to launch your product and look for capital.

Fourth step 

Now your adventure really starts. We'll support you after the program is complete​.


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Our Mentors

Yael Benvenisti Ph.D 

Chairperson of The SIG Technologies of Aging Well

Yoav Medan Ph.D 

Digital Health Consulting

Liron Hadar Ph.D

Medical Regulatory Consulting

Ofer Monar Ph.D

Human factors expert

Onn Dodis

GM Netcraft Academy

Rotem Shor

Founder & CTO at Medisafe

Sharon Shemesh

Intellectual Property

Anat Amibar

Product development

Yahoo |  Fairfly

Yoram Schlesinger

Mentor Business Consulting & Coaching

Howie Hecht

Business Developer


Hanan Lev

Digital Marketing

Tsipi Chaushu- Mizrahi

Business Development

 Leadership development


Yoav Stern

Financial Accompaniment

Memi Genosar

Business Strategy


Shay Shafranek

UX & Product Strategy



The Team

Yaniv Assas

Program Manager

Yaniv Corem


Michael Rozolio

Business Development

Co-Founder at PANGO


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